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BERRY WORDS: berry words can be distinguished in two groups, cranberry morphemes (Group 3) and words which have two morphemes (Group 1). The first distinction of berry words is a type of bound morpheme that cannot be assigned on independent meaning or grammatical function but it serves to distinguish one word from the other. The second type is when both element of the word are meaningful, small and recurrent as in blueberry or blackberry because both refer to the same concept. But in cranberry morphemes like hackberry, mulberry or bilberry, they don’t have meaning by itself, their meaning are different. 
STRATUM 2: From the lexical morphology the affixation of the suffix """" to "palabra original" is phonologically NEUTRAL. Therefore, "sufijo" un "la otra palabra" is a Strstum 2 suffix. The existance of "palabra otra" at Strstum 2 will block the creation of the corresponding word at Strstum 1.

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