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Ultima parte q1: Advancement Problems Market segmentation additionally makes limited time issues and duplicates special difficulties. Clearly different sections are made based on recognized attributes of buyers. Each group differs regarding promoting media, advance or message. So as to influence different sections of buyers, the organization is required to set up a different promoting system or methodology. Thus, individual selling and deals limited time exercises become progressively perplexing. Organization needs to spend more to take benefits of specialization. The point is to comprehend the individual client at a more profound level, enabling promoting to be specifically custom fitted to that individual and what is most important to them. In any case, if a brand has a large number of customers, is it extremely conceivable to approach every one independently.

Question #2Four Ps are the part of marketing mix concept and they help marketers to make marketing strategy related to product, price, place and promotion to its market segment. Lets understand what is marketing mix -

Marketing mix combination of 4 Ps: Product is something tangible offered to customers in market segment. For example- Iphones are product offered to customer segment having high income, professionals and Job doers.

Price is the second factor which tells us about the actual value of product and how customers in market segment are willing to pay for the product. For example- Iphone is offered to low or middle class people then they would hesitate to purchase but if it is offered to high class people like business man, doctors, lawyers etc then they would not hesitate to purchase it.

The place factor is third which describe the place where products should be sold like in stores, online etc. For example- Apple Iphone are found in all offline and online mediums. 

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