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¡Escribe tu texto aquí!1. Fill in the gaps

Education Innovation consists in making changes to the teaching-learning process 
to produce improvements in the learning outcomes. However, to be considered
educational innovation, the process needs to respond to needs. 
2. Choose the correct definition for these concepts related to education innovation
1. Faculty perspective A The region related to decision-marking processes 
and strategic planning
2. Institutional 
B The region bond to teachers, as it is linked to the 
contents of the subjects they teach
3. Institutional 
C The region that powers transversal competences 
and soft skills which play a very important role in 
students’ personal development
4. Transversal 
D The region related to education and lifelong 
1. A 2. B 3. D 4. C
3. Decide if these statements are true or false. Correct when false
-Education innovation means creating something new. False, it could be something 
different as well and, in both cases, they must produce improvements.
-The indicators for Education innovation are useful to know what is considered as 
educational innovation. True
4. Circle the correct option
a) Through online technologies many people have/don’t have access to education 
b) Virtual placements/collaborative methods make professional practice easier 
without having to move from there. 
5. Fill in the gaps in this definition 
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) poses interesting challenges as defining 
hybrid designs that introduce cooperation through the use of social networks, 
creating leaning communities or using Personal Learning environments.

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