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1.ACCIDENT AT HOME. It was an ordinary summer morning, all the members of my family were Still sleeping but my brother was finishing a Biology project in the attic. Anyway, something happened to me that day that I’ll never be able to forget. I Was rushing downstairs as I was late to my football match and my girlfriend had Just arrived to pick me up WHEN SUDDENLY I slipped/lost my balance /fell Backwards/bumped my head against the ground and lost consciousness for 10 Minutes. AS SOON AS I REGAINED CONSCIOUSNESS I REALIZED THAT I was shock and Dizzy, unable to breathe properly as I had lost the feeling in my left knee. Besides my left arm was swollen and dislocated. LUCKILY, I was able to take my Cell phone out of my pocket, dial 112 and ask for help. A Few minutes later an ambulanced arrived and evacuated me to a nearby hospital. AS SOON AS I WAS HOSPITALIZED…

2.SPORTS INJURY. It was a hot summer Morning, my friends and I were ready to play one of the most important football Matches of the season. Anyway, something happened that day that I will never be Able to forget. Anyway, I was running after another player to try to get the Ball, trying to score a goal WHEN suddenly a player of the opposing team pushed From behind and grabbed me by the arm. And as a consequence I sprained my Ankle, lost my balance, fell down, broke my left arm. My mum, who was watching The match, rushed onto the pitch and when he saw my broken arm, she dialled 112. Ten minutes later a Red Cross ambulance arrived to evacuate me to a nearby Hospital. AS SOON AS I WAS HOSPITALIZED…


It was a cold winter afternoon of January, I was going back home after Having had dinner whit one of my best friends WHEN SUDDENLY… AN OFFENDER APPEARED FROM THE DARKNESS OF THE NIGHT, PUSHED me to the ground, TOOK OUT a Pocket-knife, STABBED me in my left leg and THREATNED to kill me IF I didn´t Give him my car keys and my wallet. AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE ASSAULT… I was in SHOCK and SCARED to DEATH as my left leg was bloody, I was TERRIFIED as I Wasn´t able to breathe properly due to the punch. SO I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO Give him my car keys and my wallet. AND he RAN AWAY, JUMPED IN HIS GET AWAY CAR And DROVE away. IT WAS THEN WHEN I took my cell phone OUT of my pocket, DIALLED 112  and ASKED FOR help. FIVE MINUTES LATER a Red Cross ambulance arrived, and a DOCTOR CALMED me down, IMMOBILISED My left leg and EVACUATED me to the hospital. AS SOON AS I WAS HOSPITALIZED…

A few minutes later an ambulanced arrived and Evacuated me to a nearby hospital. AS SOON AS I WAS HOSPITALIZED, NURSE  Calmed me down, took me to the operating room, checked my blood-pressure. DOCTOR  Gave me a painkiller, immobilised my arm, cure my knee. SURGEON  Operated me injured arm, lent me a pair of crutches, took me to the X-ray room. Luckily 10 hours later I left the hospital with my arm in a sling and with my Dislocated knee in plaster. To be honest, I’ll never forget that day.


CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: 4 REASONS FOR COMMITING CRIMES. 1 Many people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs commit Crimes to support their addiction. 2 Violent video games lead some teens to Violence and criminal behaviour. 3 Many people turn to crime due to their lack Of moral and ethical values. 4 Some people who suffer from serious mental Disorders may commit crimes in the future if they don’t receive medical and Psychological attention. 4 SOLUTIONS. 1 Politicians should pass stricter new Laws to regulate the production and safe of guns. 2 Governments should do their Best to provide all their citizens with basic service such as shelter, Education and health. 3 Politicians should strengthen and improve social and Economic responses for vicitms of violence. 4 Authorities should invest more Money on more effective crime prevention campaigns for teens.

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