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.** Hollywood’s Connections with Nazi Germany.4false(6-7),5true(8-9),6banned,7beauty,8baker,9evil,10how often does Paul go to the movies.11you shouldn´t tell the secret to anybody.12to take.13only doctor should prescribe those medicines.** The Boyhood of Pablo Picasso.4false(4-5),5false(9),6delightful,7lengthy/shyness.8wander,9up,10 what does this new magazine specialize in?.11cheap  enough for our museum to buy.12susan asked her son to put on his scarf if he was going out.** The Connected Classroom.4false(12-13),5true(13-14),6instructing,7performer,8spot,9encourage,10 what persists today in most school?.11 the teacher  had asked the kids to turn off their mobile pones.12to tell/to explain.13 I would have done my homework.** The Jack the Ripper Case Finally Solved.1because he was a serial killer who was attributed many murders.4true(15-16),5false(16-17)6investigation,7on,8appearance/sure,9criminal,10what is Jack supposed to be responsable for?.11been living in the new apartment for three years.12to smoke,13 the women who  where killed were all prostitutes.** Why do we enjoy mysteries so much.1people find in them challenging exciting puzles to solve.4true(4-5),5false(10-11),6chance/satisfying,7pride,8into,9clue,11 unless your friends comes before ten, he will miss  the train.12how many books did Agata write?.13I was being accused of the robbery.** Malala.1because they are afraid of what education means and involved.4false(2-3),5true(8-9).6compulsory,7recall,8weapont,9about,11they were cooking dinner when we arrived.12what are extremists afraid of?

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