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Although education has many different aspects, in my opinion education has two aims that are especially important. Let us now look at these two aims.

As I see it, the first objective of formal instruction must be to help students to get a job. If they cannot get a job, they will not be able to lead a full life. At the moment we are seeing a lot of social problems in Spain because og high levels of youth unemployment. Though Spain has high levels of youth unemployment, in Germany there are not high levels of youth unemployment. I would argue that this is precisely because schools in Germany work closely with companies.
In my view, the second goal of education is to encourage students to think critically. Despite the fact that this many sound very theoretical, I consider that it is vital. A healthy society needs citizens who can think for themselves. In addition, we as individuals will not lead full lives if we just accept what we are told and do not think independently. So, while learning by heart may still be a common practice in many classrooms, as far as I am concerned it should be completely abandoned.
In conclusion, I am of the opinion that education has two clear fundamental objectives. Unfortunately, we still have a lot to do if we want to achieve them.

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