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Email para Pen-pal-Hello Arantxa,-How are you? I hope you are well. I was very happy to receive your mail and I'd like to pen-pal. Thanks to you I can learn and improve my English skills!.  I'll introduce myself and talk a little about me.-    My name is Mari Carmen Moreno. I’m twenty-six year old. I was born in Malaga and I live in Rincon de la Victoria. I am a nursery education teacher besides I’m a student of the official school of language, too.-  ost of my family was born in Seville. My father is retired and I live with him. I have got two brothers: Victor and Oscar. Also I have two nephews and in December, I will have a new nephew/niece, I am very looking forward to the month of December.-In my free time, I like reading while having a coffee, watching movies, series or exit a turn and going  shopping......-How is the weather like in your city these days? Here today is hot. It seems that summer is coming soon. For me, I like summer more than winter. I like most I prefer the warm, do you think that it is rare? In the summer I feel full of life because I can go on holiday and also to the beach... And you. What do you like?- Well, I’d like to write and receive an e-mails from you, but I have to end this right now, take care and I hope to hear from you soon.-Regards,

A memorable night/days/parties-My last birthday was last summer. It was the best in many years.-When I got up this day, all of my friends were in my bedroom. They were preparing to sing happy birthday when I woke up. All of them jumped in my bed and gave me a lot of presents. Then my parents and brothers came too and they did the same.-After we had breakfast, we went to my favourite amusement arcade and then we went to the beach and we passed there all the day.-For lunch we prepared a barbecue in the beach. In the afternoon I went to my cousin's house and all my family stayed there, they waited for me, sang to me the happy birthday song and gave me a lot of new presents.-In the night I went out with my friends and my friends from England called me to congratulate me for my twenty-six years.-This was my last birthday. I spent one of the best days of my life. I hope that the following year will be the same or best.

Neighbours-I live in a flat on the first floor with my father. I have never had any problem with my neighbours. We have neighbours upstairs, downstairs and next door.-My neighbours downstairs have a young child and he cries all the time. They are nice, but they bother at night.-My neighbours upstairs are a couple with two dogs. Their dogs are very good and hardly ever bark.They aren´t noisy. And my neighbours next door are perfect. They are a couple and have a daughter. They don´t argue and they don´t raise their voices. They help us when we need some food and we also help them.-We are happy with our neighbors but we are not friends.

Describing my house: Dear Lopez, I am interested in your home and I see that the situation in which it finds is the one that I was looking to spend the month of July in Isla Cristina. I will describe my house as if these interested you. My House is located in the Rincon de la Victoria, East of Malaga..., -I live in a big modern flat, in the Centre of the village. My house has got one floor.  When entered my house, we find with the hall that communicates with all rooms. In the hall there is furniture of shoe with various figures, a vase of flowers and a large mirror, too.-The first room that we are on the right is the living room. It is where they spend most of time for watching TV, relaxing or reading. It is a luminous and spacious. There are two large sofas, a table coffee, a bookshelf, furniture for the TV and, of course, there is a large table for dining room with six chairs. On the walls there are pictures and a large mirror.-To the right of the hall, there is the main bedroom. There is very bright to have large doors overlooking the terrace, is formed a dressing room, a private bathroom and bedroom. The dressing room is spacious, the bathroom there is a great bath, a washbasin, the toilet and a cupboard for towels.-The front of the hall, it is my bedroom, it is painted in light purple color and a big window which makes it very luminous. There is a bed, a large desk with a the computer and a laptop, as well as the study materials, above the desk, there is a bookshelf  and objects of decoration, and on the wall opposite there is a large wardrobe.-To the left of the hall and opposite to my bedroom there is another bathroom with a shower, washbasin and toilet.-At the end of the hall, this kitchen is spacious with a large worktop. There is a dishwasher, a oven, a fridge, a microwave and hob, above the worktop there are the furniture to save the crockery and glasses.-In the kitchen there is a door that gives way to laundry room.-Also there is the dining room with a table in the middle with four chairs, a furniture for the TV and other furniture to save the cutlery and tablecloths.-The terrace is spacious, there is a sofa, a armchair and a table coffee. In summer we had dinner in the terrace and watching TV.-It is located 10 minutes walking from the beach and the center of the Rincon de la Victoria, where there are numerous shops. It is located 30 minutes by bus from the center of Malaga.-Please, let me know your thoughts about the house and please, drop me a line as soon as you can-Regards,

Mi perfil-Hello! My name is Mari Carmen Moreno. I’m twenty-six year old. I was born in Malaga and I live in Rincon de la Victoria. I’m a student of official school of language, but also I am a nursery education teacher, but at the moment I am unemployed.-                Most of my family was born in Seville, but part of my family live in Mallorca because of the work of my paternal grandfather.-  My parents were born in Seville. My father is retired and I live with him. I have got two brothers. Victor is forty-two. He was born in Seville and he is a Biology teacher, he has got two children: Sergio and Javi. My brother Oscar is thirty-seven. He was born in Barcelona and he works in a shop. He has got a stepdaughter -I like travelling and visiting new places.. I would like to go to Japan, Italy and New York in the future. -My hobbies are reading novels genre of fantasy, action, historical or romance and reading “Mangas” are illustrations Japanese novels.

I'm going to speak about my daily routine.-On weekdays, I wake up at nine o'clock, but I get up at half past. Then I get up and I have a long hot shower. I usually have a white coffee and a toast for breakfast, but some days I have cookies! After breakfast I get dressed and I do the shopping, I do sport or search for a job. After that I get home and prepare the lunch. We have meat or fish with vegetables and potatoes, pasta, or rice. We have fruit, yogurt or ice cream for dessert.- On Mondays and Wednesdays I study English in the official language school. My English classes are from half past five to half past seven in the evening. After school, I sometimes go for a coffee with friends, or go shopping; novels, clothes.... Later, I go back home by bus. At about quarter half ten, I have dinner and then, I watch TV to relax or reads novels before I go to sleep before. Finally, at about twelve o´clock, I go to bed.-Other days in the afternoon, I do my homework and studying English, sometimes I take care of my nephews to help them study, make them a snack and play until their parents arrive from work.-At the weekend, I sleep more and I relax. Sometimes I go out for a drink or I go out for a meal with friends or my family. Sometimes I stay at home, and I listen to music, or watch films with my family.-I am studying English because it is important for the labour market and it is a personal challenge.

My life in the future-I think that my life in the future will be very different than now. I'll live in Valencia in a flat with my husband and my two children. I like that my sons will be girls, twin girls, Ada and Carmen. I will work only in the morning at a hospital, but I don't know what my work in it will be.-My husband will work in a office or at hospital too. In holidays, we will be going to the village to visit my family or we will be going to the beach, Málaga. -I think that it is only a dream, but all can be possible.

My city- I live in Málaga, which is a city on the coast in the south of Spain.-Malaga is one of the main cities of Spain. The people are nice and hospitable. In the city center the streets are pedestrian there are a lot of shops and restaurants.-Málaga is famous for espetos of the sardines and fried fish.-I don't like the pollution of the factories though they give a lot of work to the people.-In the summer everybody goes to the beaches, you can sunbathe or have a bath in the sea. At night the people walk near the beach while they watch the stars, it is very romantic.-The weather is fantastic in summer, every day is sunny.

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