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Social Aspects:

-Sanitary Problems (republicans more than nationals)

-Most Men, to the front, shot, imprisoned

-A Lot of republicans exiled


-A Lot of leftists killed

-Brutal Reprisals against republicans

Economic Aspects:

-Spain’s Ecoomy destroyed

-Per Capita income 28% lower

-Huge Crisis in agriculture, industry, sector of energy

Political Aspects:

-Political System changed (dictatorship)

-Franco Became dictator

-Land Reform abolished

-Reforms Concerning the church abolished

-Social Advances abolished


ECONOMIC inequality:

-Very Poor people

-Industrial Revolution took place late

-Inefficient Agricultural system: insufficient food, seasonal work

SOCIAL problems:

-Most People was analphabet

-Catholic Church: rich and powerful, control of education


Long Term:

-Centralised State

-Basque Country and Catalonia wanted more autonomy

-The Army had political influence

Short Term:

-Opposing Political ideologies for and against the reforms (land reforms, universal Suffrage, state secularism, universal education…)

-Extreme Political ideologies

-Falangists Wanted dictatorship

-Communists And anarchists promoted revolution

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