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Tertiary sector: activities that do not produce material products, but Which instead provide individuals, companies and the goverment with services Such as transport. Is one of the main indicators of how developed the economy Of a country is. Provides job to 60% of the active population in developed Countries. In Spain it provides work for 76% and accounts over72% of GDP. It is The sector that best characterises a developed economy. Such economies also Typically have what is refers to as a welfare state. Services classification: They can be: Public services, Mixed or Private. There are changes in the live Of people because of the tertiary sector and in the landscape. Transport: It Refers to the movement of people from one point to another, using a vehicle. There are 3 types, land, water and air. Transport affects with: Transformation And connection of territories, improvements in accessibility and fast Connections, creation of new infrastructure and new landscapes and transformation And development of key locations. Tourism: it refers to the movement of people Away from their regular home or place of residence to another area, this activity is social, economic and cultural. There are different types such as Cultural, sun and beach, natural.. Cultural tourism: European countries have Considerable cultural and historical wealth so they attract cultural tourism. Ecotourism: this type is concerned with exploring the natural world in a way Which helps local people and does not harm the environment. On it you can FindRural tourism, nature tourism and Practise nature- based sports. Sun and beach tourism: this type is the most Profitable due to the duration of stay. It attracts a large volume of tourists, It provides a good source of income for those involved and has a significant Impact on the landscape. Other types are Theme parks and Sea and river cruises. International trade: it involves importing and exporting. The difference Between them is the trade balance, it can be positive, negative or balanced. Many countries have joined together to form trading blocks to encourage international trade between their members. Telecomunications: this are long- Distance systems that used cables such as TV. The telecomunications sector is One of the most important areas of economic activity. Our society is a society Of information and knowledge. The internet have been the major advance in telecomunications. Other tertiary sector activities: Banking(all the process carried out by bank There are international founds to provide financial assistance such as World N`bank and the IMF. The european central bank was created by the european Union), education(it is managed by the state, mixed and private companies. Education is one of the factors that show how developed is a country) and Culture and healthcare system8also a big indication of a developed country).

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