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strategic-management (webster)

C) Achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

C) Logical; systematic; objective

C) Is a continuous process.

C) Strategic management; strategic planning

A) Formulation

C) Strategy implementation

A) Be proactive

A) More profitable

Organization--D) proactive rather than a reactive

A) strategy evaluation-- corrective action

strategic planning A) Developing a vision statement

strategy implementation-- A) Interpersonal Action

Greenley--D) increased resistance To change.

vision statement

"What do we Want to become?"

The vision Statement should be established before the mission statement.

one sentence.


A) What is our business?

D) Employee wage rates.

B) When the firm is successful

mission statements (before strategy) no money

B) as many managers as possible.

E) Request modifications, additions, and deletions.

B) A customer orientation.

D) A mission statement that is too specific. Organ can be limited

A) Does not exclude any strategy alternatives

D) Reconciliatory.

C) Is important.

D) It is static in orientation. (except)

A) Utility

C) Less than 150

E) Self-concept

B) Philosophy,,,

A) Strategies

Campbell And Yeung--A) Mission

McGinnis--A) It should be broad enough to include all ventures.

C) strategy formulation. Collecting info of Competitors

A) actionable

I/O C) more important than --E) Level of Competitiveness

A) Divestiture is essential to growth.

A) backward (gain control)

A) abstracts.

B) Forecasts

A) impossible.

A) CPM includes both internal and external Issues.

Michael Porter's

C) Bargaining power of unions not

D) Rivalry among competing firms

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