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ANCIEN REGIME:was asocial and political system and had an absolute monarchy,it had an old demographic regime it was a stratified society and was an economic agrarian subsitence.The religion had a great influence.

LOUIS XIV:was the king of France.He belonged to the Bourbon family, he supported the absolute monarchy and he concentrated the legislative power,executive power and judicial power.

ENLIGHTENMENT:was an intelectual movement strtes spontaneously in France in the 18th cent. It defended some basic ideas such as the trust in reason,faith in progress,trust in education,nature as reference to what was good or evil,and criticism of the Ancien Regime,that is the separation of powers.It spread by means of salons,the media at that time and the encyclopedia. ENCYCLOPEDIA:was a collection of initially 28 books,that contained all the knowledge at that time.It was edited by Diderot and d´Alembert.Is the symbol of the Enlightenment.

ENLIGHTENED DESPOTISM:was a type of absolute monarchy that applied the ideas of the Enlightenment in the 18cent.Kings tried to improve peoples lives but without lettig them participate in the government

LIBERAL REVOLUTIONS:Where some deep changes led by the bourgeoisie that happend in the 17th 18th and 19th century.They didn’t always give rise to democracies, as some people were allowed to vote, but not always everybody.Census suffrage is a type of election in which only people over an agreed age and over a certain income can vote.It’s the opposite to Universal suffrage,in which everybody can vote.

LIBERALISM:Defended individual liberty, expressed by the rights of the citizens, equality under the law and the suppression of privileges, as well as the implementation of constitutional regimes based on national sovereignty and separation of powers.Liberal ideology spread extensively among the bourgoise and the commoners of the major cities

NATIONALISM:Was the idea that the fundamental framework for public life was the nation or community with common historical traits and a common language and culture .Its objective was for each nation to have its own state, and therefore it demanded that nation’s borders be those of the states.

CULTURAL NATION:Is a large group of people with some common cultural elements such as a language, religion, ethnicity, territory, economic model, history... POLITICAL NATION:Is a large group of people that holds sovereignty.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION:It was the process of independence of the 13 colonies in North America which drove to the creation of the United States

ESTATES GENERAL:Was a French medieval parliament not met since 1614.There were three estates of the realm represented:The nobility, clergy and the bourgeoisie ,And every group had just one vote.So the privileged states of the realm won all the votings 

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY:Was the new parliament created by the bourgeoise in 1789 after abandoning the Estates General. CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY:is name is given to the National Assembly between 1789 and 1791.During that time the first French constitution was elaborated.

RIGHT AND LEFT WING:It is the place where some deputies sat down in the constituent assembly. The ones who were in favor of the right to stop laws by the king sat down on the right, while the ones who didn’t want to include it in the constitution sat down on the left.

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