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  • Gross National Happiness Index (GNH)

    Nine domains:
    1. Psychological Wellbeing
    2. Standard of Living
    3. Good Governance
    6.Community Vitality
    7.Cultural Diversity and Resilience
    8. Time Use
    9. Ecological Diversity and Resilience

    Wealth Index

    There are several approaches to Wealth indexes. Here the idea is To consider:

    The levels of:
    1. Human capital

    health level

    educational level

    1. Social capital

    2. Political capital

    3. Natural capital

    4. Physical capital

    5. Happiness capital

    6. Intellectual capital 

      The factor endowment theory

      • To simplify things, in this model we assume there only are: – Two countries: Home, Foreign (indicated with *)
        – Two production factors: labor (L) and capital (K)
        – Two goods: cloth (C) and food (F)

      • Home and Foreign are different only in terms of their factor Endowments

        – Home is labor-abundant: L / K > L* / K* – Foreign is capital-abundant 

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