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-When we reach 2100 all houses Will use domotic technology.
-In 2100 there Will be robots with their own personality.
-If we work hard we Will make a gadget to read people minds.
-In 2100 there Will be electrics cars.
-When we reach 2100 many cars Will be able to fly.
-Children Will be able to Access school by fingerprint.
-Exams Will disappear, but they Will be organised like a videogame.
-In 2100 a lot of diseases Will have solution.
-In 2100 women Will have more visibility in sports.
-Athletes Will carry some chips incorporated in their t-shirts that Will control the heart beat and their máximum and minium speed.
-If all contribute to not using plastic the planet will be less poluted.
-Cars with more than ten or twelve years will have disappeared.

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