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lecture lliço realised em vaig adonar to be appated estar horroritzat trick

engañar autroged indignat stuff cosa fur pelotge refutation argumentacio

let us of the hook deixar en pau trace rastre desite malgrat stand up far

defensar write down apuntar wipe out desapareixa speat out donar opinio

make up invetar figure out imaginar speak up parlar clar record registrar

get in trouble posarse en problemes headteacher director drop out

abandonar check reparar iliterate analfabet cheat copiar fees matricula

disrup interrompe grade nota a degree titul uni undergraduate estudi uni

higher education educacio superior make the grade estar a lalçada

present simple takes past simple took

present continuous is taking past continuous was taking

past simple took past perfect S had taken

past continuous was taking past perfect C had been taking

present perfect simple has taken past perfect S had taken

present perfect C has been taking past perfect C had been taking

past perfect S had taken had taken

past perfect continuous had been taking . had been taking

future simple will take - would take 

now-then  today-that day  tonight-thatnight  yesterday-the previous dai

here-there  this-that  these-those  last week-the previous week

a mopth ago-the previous month  the following algo

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