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Teaching is the basis of society, because each person has had to study something in their life and these studies helped them to be trained as a person.

On the one hand, the traditional method of class is with a teacher who explains the lesson for that day, he sends homework to do and at the same time he takes a test to verify that the students have reached the objectives and who has not.

On the other hand, others think that this method is not good, because the exams produce fear in the students and that fear causes many of them to suspend having studied a lot. There are new methods of qualifying students, as jobs.

Personally, i feel that  it's better to do more exams with less content than less exams with a lot of material

Nowadays, people watch television a lot, like series or movies. That does not mean that Reality TV shows do not entertain, but there are others that are more popular.

On the one hand, the Reality TV shows have more views, because the television channels talk with famous people to appear in their reality show and get the attention of the viewer. There are a lot of types of TV shows, like funny shows, dramatic shows or communication shows, but obviously people watch more funny or dramatic shows than the other shows.

On the other hand, others believe that Reality TV shows aren't good entertainment, because It is considered a waste of time. Some people watch television many hours a day, and it is not good for health.

Personally, i fell that Reality shows aren't good entertainment, but only if you can watch them only for a short time.

2018 has been a complicated year in everything that has to do with politics. Spain has changed its government, has jailed independent leaders, Mariano Rajoy is no longer president and returns to the extreme right.

On the one hand, there will soon be an election campaign. Citizens will have municipal and electoral elections.
On the other hand there is a new political party, vox with its president Santiago Abascal. This political party seeks something against illegal immigration, freedom of the press and the media and education, etc.
In my opinion, Spanish politics is now a disaster, but I hope that in the future everything will improve because politics moves the country, because the king only has power in the army and without government we will decay.

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