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5. Is there a “cavern” in which we live trapped today? Give an example and justify it.

Which is the chains?

Ignorance. The concept of ignorance is the lack of knowledge. We don’t have enough knowledge, as we are getting older, we are in fact getting more knowledge. 

In the allegory of the cave it describes that the prisoners only see their shadow as the reality, but not always what we see is the truth or the reality. For example, we think that a person is not good because of some aspects, but it doesn’t mean that is the reality, doesn’t mean that he is like that. Sometimes what we see it is influenced and affected by the feeling that others have brought to us and what others talk to us. Everything is changing as we are discovering more knowledge, what we think in the past that is the truth, in nowadays it doesn’t like that because we are learning more and discovering more for the truth taking advantages of the technology, philosophers, etc. To live a chance, is depends on the appearances. For example, you are controlling a business, you think and see that everything is good, everything is fine, your business is going good, so that you have a successful life. But it doesnt mean that everyone thinks like that, because of the appearances that you are not seeing but the other indeed, they are not successful with you. Maybe your employeers are not succesful with you, and someone else, that is gonna fail to an end and you collapse. And of this failure, people who know you will take advantages of that, your employeer will take advantage, your friend will take advantage, your family will take advantage,etc.

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