Concept of education

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committed/ dedicated/ devoted to teaching young people about safety; concerned/worried/anxious about taking part in the race; felt sure/convinced/confident of his ability to win; thrilled/excited/enthusiastic about joining the skydiving team/// complained ABOUT, insist ON, admitted TO, involved IN, prevented FROM, deal WITH, rely ON, determinated TO, confratulated me ON, keen ON// PUT OFF: retrasar/ BACK OFF: retroceder/ CALL OFF: cancelar/ TOLD OFF: llamar la atención/ SELL SB OFF: say goodbye/ GONE OFF: explotar / WEAR OFF: disminuir/ CUT OFF: separado

V/N/A: educate/education/educated, terrify/terror/terrifying, strenghten/strength/strong, criticise/critic/critical, endanger/danger/dangerous

N/V: blood/bleed, lenght/lengthen, memory/memorize, threat/threaten, experience/experience

A/V: frozen/freeze, hot/heat, just/justify, low/lower, modern/modernize, sure/ensure(asegurar)

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