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Elias Howe was born in Massachusetts in 1819 and was the inventor of the sewing machine .

In early 1800 , most people didn't have enough money to spend on clothes and there weren't no shops where buy clothes. At that time everything was done handmade. The families sewed pants , shirts, and dresses with a needle and thread. However , Elias Howe changed everything , came up with another way to make clothes and patented the first practical sewing machine in 1846 .

In 1851 , Isaac Singer , a machinist from Boston, introduced the first sewing machine for home use. The patent was published on 1854. Although the first Singer machines are based on the concept of Howe . You could say that Singer copied Howe.

In 1877 when the last patent expired Howe Singer founded the Singer Sewing Machine Company, which became one of the world's largest manufacturers of sewing machines.
Nowadays, thanks to Elias Howe we have sewing machine, although he was copied by Singer.

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