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-political development of Franco regime: authoritarian regime. In foreign policy regime moved away from International towards a more open phase in which Spain participate in international bodies.
~Domestic policy:
Dictatorship. Political and military power concentrated in his hands. Falange only political party permitted.
Fist decade dictatorship (1939-59), Franco established authoritarian regime by introducing Fundamental Laws Of the Realm. This laws replace republican constitution.
Latee decades (1959-75), technocratic: politicians with technical training became more prominent. Objetive modernise country. Therefore Franco appointed specialist fron various fields as a ministers, economic, health and education. Desiganted Juan Carlos de Borbón succesor. 
~Foreign policy: 2phases
•international isolation (1946-51): victorious Allied powers, US and GB, blocked Spain from participatión in UN It was a dictatorship. Spain excluded fron Marshall plan. UN imposed economic and diplomatic embargo on Spain./ •international integration(1951-62) western-bloc became favourable towards regime. Because of cold war: appreciated Franco anti-communism and recognised Spain strategic geographical position. 
Cooncordat with the Vatican 1953. Trate with US 53. Spain able to join UN 1955.

Economy under Franco:
~economic self-sufficiency(1939-59)
40s and 50s Spain economy self-sufficient. Food shortages, state interviened economy, introducing rotation basic goods and fixing prices. 
•fundation of the INI(National Instituto of Industry) objetive promote industrial development through creation of state companies.   

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