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2-what concept does Plato try to clarify in the Republic ? Why ?
Justice Becuase it is easier to understand how justice operates in a city than a single individual
3- which three clases do the ideal society of Plato need ? Why are they neccesary ?
Producers- To cúter the social body with all the necessary good for them survive/Auxiliaries or defenders or guardians- to protect the asocial body of any possible attack. /Rulers- to rule over the other people fairly and orienting them to the common good.

4-How is producers ́ life in the ideal republic of Plato? How is that of auxiliaries and rulers?The artisans carry out productive activities , they can obtain economic benefits , wich is a conflict. The warriors cannot access wealth so they dont defend their private interest. They cannot have private properties or a famliy. The rulers have a lot of responabilities  and tasks. They dont have acces to family or private property .

5-What virtue should producers master? What should auxiliaries and rulers develop? Why? The artisans must develop Temperance Because they must moderately enjoy the material enjoyments that device from the possesion of wealth.Guardians must develop courage because it is a valorae between tenerided and cowardice. And the rulers must develop wisdom because they need to control the city.

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