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Europe: 730 million inhabitants.

???? High population density in Central Europe and the UK, low density in

northeastern Europe.

???? Lowest birth rate in the world and lowest mortality in the world = negative growth, aging population.

???????? Immigration balances population loss.

???? Spain: 10 million inhabitants in the 18th century,18 million in the 19th century, 45 million currently.

???? Average population density: low in Aragon, Extremadura and both Castile; High in Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country and Levante

Reasons: geographical (topography, climate, etc.), economic and social (rural exodus)

???? Spain is in ‘Advanced stage' of the demographic transition model

???? Main causes of the birth decrease are:

???? Higher age of marriages/couples due to economic difficulties of the young and/or the broad access to higher education

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