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Se encuentran y su cara Le parece conocida

1. Where did the man and woman first meet?

B. At School

2. What is the woman's name?

A. Sharon

3. In what field is the woman majoring?

C. Education

4. What major is the man considering most at this time?

C. Marketing

5. Do you think the woman is interested in going out with the man?

B. No


1. The man smokes __packs of cigarettes a day.

B. Two

2. The man and woman Are __

A. Siblings

3. According to the conversation, where does the man probably smoke at home?

C. On the porch

4. The woman knows the man's son, Jacob, is smoking because ________. 

C. She discovered his habit at her house

5. Based on the tone of the conversation, the man is ____________ the woman's Ideas.

A. Resistant to 


1. The woman __________.

B. Doesn't have skiing experience

2. The ski slopes are ____________.

A. Very crowded

3. Another skier ___________.

B. Forced her into the trees

4. When the woman finds the other skier, she is going to __________. 

B. Show his face on social media

5. The woman says she can recognize the other skier by his __________.

C. Clothing 


1. The woman is going to _______

C. The Train station

2. The man receives a Text message about ___________. 

A. A medical appointment

3. The woman wants to _______ because he won't stop texting.

C. Get out and walk

4. The man and woman are in trouble because _______.

B. The other driver looks scary

5. The woman suggests ___________.

B. Calling the police

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