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what is ngative power?//negtive busines power:is somthing that organzation get by acquiring immense amount of wealth,knowledge and technology in country.Such power may case troubles to the compony as well as the country.So the goverment should take necessary steps to regulate such business power not being emerging as negative business power.

The diffrences betwen direct expenses/costs and indirect expense/costs?// 1-direct expense/costs: The value of the compenents/patrs or material used during income period.//2-idirect expenses/costs: expenses that covers indirct cost of produce during the income period example of indirect expenses includes transport costs(patrol/repaire)markting costs(advarsting)and adminstration costs(bank fees, mobile and .....

Markting segmentations: is the groups of customers according to differences in theire needs and behavior.

four type of criteria commonly used for segmention are as follows ?1- geographic segmentation: this type of segemtation groubs potential customers according to wher they live becuse differnt gegraphical locations vary in characteristics. 2- Demographic segmentation: This type of segmentation groups potential coustomers according to facctors such age,gender,lifstyle,education and the ecnomy on the basis that peoples needs often vary with their demographic characterstic. 3- psychogreaohic segmentation: This type of segmentation groups potential customers according to their belifs, attitudes and opinions as well as thier psycholoicsl characteretics.4-behavior segmentation:this type of segmantion group peaple

identify the four elemnts or promotional mix:

The promtional mix consists of:1-prsonal sealing 2-seals pormotion 3-public realtions 4-advarsting

The Three Main Accounting Statements? 1-The Cash Flow Statement: Report show flow of cash in and cash out of an organization.)                              2. The Income Statement: 1- It reports show profitability of the business.2-It show whatincome has been earned and what expenses were incurred in earning it.3- If the income is larger than the expenses, then it becomes a profit.4- If the expenses are greater than the income, then it becomes a loss.

3. The Balance Sheet : It shows the financial position at a point in time - Assets- Liabilities- Equity

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