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GDP:total value of everything produced in the country/measures the economy activity/unemployment rate:the percentage of unemployed workers in the total labor force. TYPES:Nom:measurement that includes price increases/Real:inflation-adjusted measure and is pure growth/PerCap:country's standard of living GDPentre#habitantes

BOP:Is a statement of al transactions made between entities in a country and the rest of the world/CurrentA:goods,services,money,YOU WIN/FinancialA:investments,credits,purchases,YOU SPEND/CapitalA:MONEY THAT DOESN'T MOVE.
SUPRANASIONALISM:When a state yield it's power to another higher/major entity.TYPES:military=OTAN/Cominford_
Politician=European union_Cultural=Latinoamericanism
Economic=Mercosur (URSS=military,politician,cultural)
GIRLEFFECT:from 12 quality of a life of women decrease/lack of education/used as prostitution/used as wives/lose freedom.PINKTAXES:aggregate taxes on basic product when they are from the female market/affects inflation/women earn less and spend more.ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES:Primary=rise chicken_Secondary=prepare the chicken_Terciary=Sell the chicken_Quaternary=investigate the chicken. BLOCS:A regional trading bloc is a group of countries within a geographical region that protect themselves from imports from non-members./Sudamerica=Mercosur/Asia=ASEAN, AEC/Europe=EU/Africa=CEMAC/Centralamerica= CACM/
Northamerica=NAU,NAFTA/Middle East=MEFTA/Latinamerica=CAN

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