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undergraduate degree: titulo uni master's degree: mater uni fall behind: qedarse atras prestigious: prestigioso maturity: madurez by heart: de memoria soar: elevarse/ ir x delante d alguien autonomy: autonomia accontable: responsable discipline: disciplina compulsory: obligatorio fee: cuota assembly: asamblea IT school: colegio centrado en los PC education suffers: educacion sufre fair: justo feedback: valoracion/// past simple - past perfect simple( had+3 col)// present perfect( have/has+3 col) - past perfect( had+3 col)// past perfect- past perfect// past continuos - past perfect cotinous( had been+ verb+ing)// present perfect continous( have/has been+verb+ing) - past perfect continous( had been+verb ing)// past perfect continuos - past perfect continous( had been+verb+ing)// future simple - conditional (would)// conditional - conditional** today= that day** now= then** yesterday= the day before** days ago= days before** last week= the week before** next year= the following year** tomorrow= the next day** here= there** this= that** these= those/// prestigious>respected;distinguished/ maturity> the stage of complete development/ by heart(idiom)> from memory/ soar> fly or rise high in the air/ autonomy> freedom from external control influence/ accountable> responsible/ discipline> the practice of training people to obey rules or a code behavior/ compulsory> required by law or a rule

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