Concept of education

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Prections: Will - Wont. Pisces: You will receive a visit from a distant friend. Aries: You will have much homework this weekend. Aquarius: You will receive bad news from her sister. Read thse statementes 2025: Education will be higly developed? - Will education be higly develod - yes, It will Omplete these real, condicional sentence, use WILL/WONT 1 If i win the yala lotery, I will buy a hase. 2 If my mother gets the visa to USA, She will travel the nest summer. 3 If my father buys a computer to me, He will work in the computer. 4 If you believe in god, Iwill be very happy. 5 If my friend finishes his secondary, He cull travel a Piura. 6 if i studty english, I will wonrk in Usa 7 If my teacher has a lot of many, He will by mush hauses. 8 If peru has a good president, Its will live very happy. 9 If i have the best job, I will work much 10 If i approve all my couses, I will play in the computer. Ansomer these questions: 1 whant sort of music do you hate? I dont like to music cumbia. No negatina qito dont

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