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the demand for the water
fresh water is renewable and is in scare supply on our planet.
pollution and overexplotation of aquifers or wasterful use this resources are serious dangers due to its consumption in developed countries.
the availability of drinking water for people and animals doesnt depend on the country being dry or wet, but on its level of development. Countries in central africa dont have sewerage  system or a water network.
the disponibility of water depends on the level of development more than on the climate
current economic blocks across the world
-asian tigers: technological development and growth that has taken place in some countries has led to the emergence of a group of countries called the asian tigers: soth korea, taiwan, hong Kong and singapore. The have been joined by other countries from south-eats asia: Vietnam, indonesia, malaysia, philipines and thailand.
-countries with petroleum: these belong to the organisation of petroleum exporting countries headed by saudí arabia, the largest producer in the world and are very important because petroleum is the most widely used energy source across the globe.
-brics: this is made up of the emerging countries brazil, russia, india, china and south america. They are not a distinct group, all of them have a rapidly growing economy and are becoming more and more important.
the soil and its conservation
the destruction of soil leads to desertification. Its happens before a fire, a tree cut or in an over exploited agricultural land. In any of these cases the vegetation is eliminated. Therefore the soil is not protected against the erosion produced by rains. The soil is erode by water and the land cant support vegetal life in the future.
ecological agriculture
raised bads instead of planting directly in the ground
-advantages: improve drainage, the soil warms faster in spring, enhance root health
-disadvantage: when there is little precipitation. 
sustainability: concept wich regards to the explotation of any resource respecting its capability of renovation and therefore allowing future generations to explot the resource.
fracking: its a technique to enable or increase oil and gas extraction from underground, the prodecure is not new in the industry. fracking or hydraulic from factoring, is used in explotation or production of hidracarbons and also is starting CO2, gas and geothermal energy storage medium and high enthalpy. It has a negative impact in fresh water and soil.
oil and gas from porous rocks hidracarbons. Technic: introduction of water at high pressure in the ground. Ts has a negative impact in fresh water and soil.

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