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-Spanish civil war
Military conflict. 1936-39. Result war: government republic replaced with dictatorship led by General Francisco Franco.
~reasons about outbreak of the war:
17jul36. Most conservative and anti-republican section of army morocco against government of republic. 18jul rebellation led Emilio Mola, José sanjurjo and Franco, spread península.
end public disorder:cause by extreme right wing and left wing militans. Fear working class revolution: Spain establish communist system.
•end left wing government reforms: church opposed seculation education. Landowners descontento expropiation land. Business owners opposed labour reforms. Army unhappy loss of political power
• end republic and re-established political and society order: place previously.
~development of the war:
•march to Madrid: nationalis general Franco. Tried occupy Madrid, Seat of republican government, deffeated in blattles.
•northerm campaign: Next objetive Franco take Asturias Cantabria y país Vasco. Mining and industrial área of Spain. Guernica bombed Cóndor Legión
•battle of the Ebro: republicans began stop nationalist advance towards Cataluña. Franco won blattle. 1939 entered Cataluña.
•end of was: march. Nationalist army took Madrid. 1apr36 war ended.
~consequences of the Civil War:
•political: authoritarian regime. Not want reconciliation whith republicans: annihilation
•economic: losses high: destruction infraestructures, transport system, industrial áreas y houses. Agricultural and industrial production fell25%, many people living extreme poverty.
•demographic: half million spanish people died during Civil War, reducing population drastically. Another half republicans exiled latín América y France.
•cultural: ideológica repression implemented education andculture. Many teachers dismissed or executed. Intellectials assessinated or exiled.

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