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Banks: They have the function of channeling savings into investment, the transfer of surplus and the financing of productive activities, trade and banking.
Banks: They are for-profit companies whose business cnsiste in the realization of k operations can be classified into two catg: passive and active operations / / are passive collections of money by opening bank deposits, investment funds .. The active are loans and credits to agt.Economicos. Savings banks: banks are different from the non-existence of for-profit and for his character benefico.Estas entities forming the system financiero.En the Spanish case, the system this financial formadoo by two big blokes: the banking system and other financial institutions. The demand for money: k reflects the need of economic actors have cash to carry out transacciones.Este money can have two forms of cash and titulos.Un shaped echo agent can sue money basically for three reasons: to make transactions, as a precaution x speculation.The public sector: Public sector is known to all government agencies and public enterprises are owned k estatal.Existen three criteria:

The spatial approach: refers to the territorial scope of the acts or k has the power to act. According to the main economic function: podems dstignguir public administrations, businesses and public safety system social.Si d d attention to the type institution podems classification in institutional, state general WMDs, authorities Ins system of social and other administrative institutions. The public expenditure: Current expenditure: they constitute the highest percentage of public sector expenditures and are intended to provide the service society cmo's public education, healthcare, national defense investment expenditure ..: k are intended to maintain and expand the productive capital of the country, basically the capital of public utility like roads, ports and airports, hospitals ..Other costs are distinguished trasnferencias (intended for natural persons in this group include grants for example) and subsidies (they are supplied to companies in order to reduce the cost of production of certain goods).
Government revenues: they are k funds accrue to the revenue sector publico.Existen k are the k d obtained regularly throughout a fiscal year. D come direct and indirect taxes and the activity of public companies.

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