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INTELECUTAL VIRUES(THEORETICAL) Not possible to be learned by nature,may be learend with Some explanation(related with knowleage)


-SCIENCE:we Have an account of knoleage.Knowleage of universal and permanent thing(an opinion Is not because is changing).If I study something and I have the knowleage is Related to good.-WISDOM(SABIDURUA):True Knolweage with experience(to know that all that knowleage is thruth, clear Ideas[abolition of slaves in UK despite the general opinion])Experts are the One who have all possible knowleage related to that

-UNDERSTANDING:To Be able to understand something(a problem) and all elements (meaning) around That.We need some training and habits of reason of intelligence because I am Usally able of knowing, studyng something

-ART:draw Strategies, to achive a purpose.See different practical ways(only getting if I have Clear ideas of what I am looking)To do something practical well because of the Clear ideas.CARDIANL/PRACTICAL VIRTUES(related to actions)Principal moral virtue, represent the foundation of Natural morality.-PRUDENCE:practical Knolweage.Judge correctly what is the best action for a determinated problem in A singular circuanstance(consist on consider the consequence of our actions´9Able To judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions of a given Time.Guide the other virtues by setting rules and measure , guides the judgment Of conscience-JUSTICE:social Virtue it concers right relations with other in society, everyboady get what They desderve.Proper moderation between self interest and the rights and need Of othersPOSIITVE LAW: human made laws that obligue or specify our actions.Made By the government (code, regulations )taxes.NATURAL LAW:Based on universally accepted Moral priciples that are part of the very nature of things, that can be understood By reason(freedom of expression, right to live)

-FORTITUDE/COURAGE:Based On justice.Willinges to risk your life for ther safe of that wich is Justice.Moral virtue that ensures firmess in difficulites and consistency in The look of the good.Overcome obstacles in moral life.

-TEMPERANCE:Restrain From pleasure that are contrary to pur reason .Train and prepare ourself even When we are not faced with an immediate temptation .Control our anger, gover Our sexual desires , control desire for knoleage.Practicing self control, Abstention and moderation.AUTHORS

-SOCRATES: Importance lf the soul(sthg not material remain forever).If we do smthg against Justice my soul is corrupted worse thasn pyshical pain.

-Plato:1-Teaching Justice:we must learn ethics not because of fear of punishment do it because Something is good and just.Moral education: telling and applying punishment in Order to achieve good behavior.Good things and you are just.Is being a better Person.2-Cotrnol Reason: be able to see what is good, control bad passion and give more strength To what is bad.Enforce our good desire(capacity to improve be more spiritual)3.Moral Improvement:Soul with wings explain human improvement.When we do good actions Our soulreceibe the wings.The wings Grow in the same measure the we improve our behavior.-MAQUIVELLI:the End is always a justification for every mean.When the final good is important Any meamn. To achive it is valid.-Friendship; Mechanism of influence, be with people that have power in order to maintain your Position.-Virtue(apparence of virtue despite is not like that.Prince should Show that he is virtous in order to avoid a revolution from citizens against You.

-Kant:Importance Of law; was convince that philopspy must be a positive science, ethics is a Subject of law like physicis.-Categorical imperative, well done actions that we Can take as a model to everyone else you must treat humsan beings as an end and Never as a mean, humans must betretaed as humans-act always following your Sense of duty and not following your fellins , preference or desires.The only Moral value is law, Duty is the only way of obeying law.

-HUME:Causality: I do something and this is cause of something else.To feel; if u feel good Doing something then you are doing correctly and if u fell bas by doning an Action you are doing it wrong.

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