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WTO seeks to eliminate or rduce tarifs, unfair trade and arbitrate trading between its members. -TRADING BLOCKS: groups of countries formed to foster trade between their members. Northe amercican free trade egreement (nafta) such the european union. 8.2FOREIGN TRADERS: THE EU AND THE US.Control the export of the merchandise. Is focused on the export of manu. Goods and techn. And the import of raw materials. EMERGING COUNTIES: increased their role in china, india, brazil.  Dimport manufactured goods and technology. REMAINING COUNTRY: lesser extent. Russsia latin america. Export raw materials for energy and food po.

U.8: 1THE ACTIVE POPULATION. 8.1 GENERAL CHAR;  the active population participation rate is high. Adult pop, and women who work outside house. The active pop. Part. Rate. Fall amonst young, olders workerss, people with low education and women. Tje act. Pop. Varies according to economic sector. Primary is low, secondary grew up and then falll tertiary has grown. 1.2PROBLEMS AFFECTING THE ACTIVE POPOULATION: unemployment, aging of act.Pop. Gender inequalities men and women.
2PRIMARY SECTOR. 2.1 AGRARIAN ACT: GENERAL CHAR: Agrarian landscape is characterised by its contrast . Industrialised and technology advanced. Main problems: food safety, envionmental damage.
Regional specialisation: adapts to the physical environment. The oceanic climete region: western europe. Intensive livestock farming. Continental: silviculture. Mediteranean: dryland.  

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