Different conceptions of education a child

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In this photo I am with my boyfriend and my friends. 
 We are disguised because it's my birthday, we always have a party. 
I am cooking because I invited everyone to eat and drink. 
I am doing hamburguers with potatoes because it's our favorite food, we love them. 
My sister is at the bottom of the photo swimming in the pool, because it is very hot. 
I am very happy because I am enjoying a lot with everyone and they are giving me very nice things. 
Thanks for making me so happy.

Hi  Eva.
My name's  ....... I'm from ...... And I live at home with my parents and my sister.
I'm ... Years old, and I'm a student. I'm studying child education.
I'm in my first year and I'm very happy because I really like it.
Now I'm going to talk about my  physical appearance.
I have wavy and blñack hair, but I woul like to have it straigh, I love straigh hair.
My eyes are brown and my nose is small.
I'm very nervous, that's why I'm so thin, I can't be quiet.
As this writing has to be short, i can't write any more.

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