Different conceptions of education a child

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TEEN SPIRIT: 1- a) p3, b) p4,  2- a)  F: first we blamed -  to 25th years, b) T: these result - brain's development, c) F: the truth remains - any easter, 3- a: transition, b: concerned, c: baffled, d: massive, 4- 1-c. 2-b, 3-a /// SPAIN'S JOBLESS WOMEN BECOME: 1- a) p1, b) p3,  2- a) F: if you are young - 54,7 %, b) T: in the past decades - the public sector, c) F: these days - a lot of epmloyees, 3- a: set up, b: alternative, c: resulted in, d: chance, 4- 1-c, 2-a, 3-b /// TURNING EDUCATION: 1- a) p1, b) p3, 2- a) T: the principal of clintondale - have visited them, b) T: it's well know - is booming, c) F: courses are being - in his garage, 3- a: available, b: booming, c: impressive, d: displace, 4- 1-a, 2-b, 3-a /// RESEARCH SHIP TRAPPED IN ANTARCTIC: 1- a) p2, b) p3, 2- a) F: arctic sea ice - in september, b) F: the reasons for the trends - higher temperatures, c) T: this pattern - the west antarctica, 3- a: actually, b: strengh, c: impact, d: declining, 4- 1-c, 2-b, 3-b /// RURALS AMERICANS : 1- a) p2, b) p4, 2- a) T: you shouldn't expect - a startup here, b) T: of the 19 millions americans - in rural areas, c) F: mountains and narrow - and satellites, 3- a: prosper, b: provide, c: entrepeneur, d: groceris, 4- 1-c, 2-a, 3-c /// CHILD POVERTY IN SPAIN: 1- a) p 1/4, b) p2, 2- a) F: encarni explais - but was fired, b) - F: there were 11 - of the house, c) T: encarni wants - she grows up, 3- a: junk, b: poverty, c: elderly, d: laid off, 4- 1-c, 2-a, 3-b /// DO THE INSTAGRAMS STAR SHOWS: 1- a) p1, b) p2, 2- a) F: but increasingly - in too, b) F: they are not - a stage set, c) T: and it works - status is achievable, 3- a: encourages, b: demand, c: reaches, d: look, 4- 1-b, 2-c, 3-b /// THE RISE OF WERABLE: 1- a) p2, b) p3, 2- a) F: werable tecnhology - a new phenomenon, b) F: many of these - to civilian life, c) T: this new divice - you own already, 3- a: locate, b: secure, c: eclipse, d: monitor, 4- 1-b, 2-c, 3-b /// BILINGUAL BRAINS: 1- a) p1, b) p2, 2- a) T: it has benn estimated - than monolinguals do, b) T: mental excersie - of excersie, c) F: some parents - a child's devolpment, 3- a: inquiry, b: evidence, c: dementia, d: hyphotesis, 4- 1-a, 2-b, 3-b. WHY ARE BRITISH KIDS: 1- a) p2, b)p3, 2- a) F: creatinga balance -- other activities, b) F: His response? -- nothing wrong, c) T: sure. You can -- have happened, 3- a) balance, b) fault, c) keep up with, d) plan, 4- 1-b, 2-c, 3-c /// MIGRANT CRISIS: 1- a) p1, b) p2,  2- a) F: although russia -- both sides, b) F: with most -- in bunk beds, c) T: the number of people -- mediterranean in 2015, 3- a) barracks, b) seekers, c) former, d) shelter,  4- 1-b, 2-a, 3-b.

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