Different conceptions of education a child

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·Be happy, have fun, be kind to your body and Heart. Your life is not over if you don’t do well in your exams or you don’t Know what you want to do

·You’re in charge of your own life. Don’t let Someone else dictate what you do with it.

·The ideal father is someone who puts family Before work, encourages his kids for the smallest reason that make the child Happy like making a project in class for example, and he is also someone that Can always be relied on.

·My dad gave me his diploma shortly before he Died. He wanted to remind me that education is important and that he cared About my success

·Love at first sight is often seen because of Sexual attraction. Boys and girls consider this sexual attraction to be true love. Actually it is not called love but just an attraction, which normally Happens between the opposite sex. When two persons of opposite sex stay close For a long time, they wrongly presume that they are in love.

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