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Hey Christopher, the first thing you should do when looking for a summer job, is to make a list of your interests and those areas that you do not feel comfortable with. It will work as a guide to know where you are going, helping you to choose the most appropriate offers. However, inserting yourself in the labor market is a difficult task and it could happen that you need to manage your own job to add experience in the curriculum once you graduate.
The stores or sales services hire thousands of young people during the summer and the university students who study careers in finance, administration or accounting will have a plus to take charge of the box. You will learn to handle different cards or forms of payment, understanding the concepts that they teach you in class. You could even convince the supervisors to make the closing every month or at least be present, it is a big responsibility and they will not pay you extra for it but it will be useful in the long term.
this would be a good choice friend christopher, I say goodbye 

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