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DENOTATIVE LEVEL: First level of analysis and meaning. What reader or viewer reads or see on a Text or picture. Descriptive level. CONNOTATIVE LEVEL: second level of analysis and meaning. What lays behind the picture or text, the symbolic

meaning. It may be analysedin different ways (aesthetic, economic, political, social). KYRBOS: Wooden structures where officialinformation was place. ALBA: blank walls in Public places and busy streets where individuals could write

their Messages with coal. INSIGNIA: graphic representation of a given busines. TROUBADOR: refined crier specialized in telling stories and tales, that were Also used by private business. GUILDS: associations of artisans or merchants That gathered their business in the same area of cities. Streets were named consequently. PACKAGE GOODS. From 1860 to 1920, factory-produced merchandise in packages Largely replaced locally produced goods sold in bulk. Packaging facilitated the Identification of a good with a Brand. POSTERS: After printed advertisements in Press, posters were the most important advertising method in 19th century. Its Expansión was posible thnks to: 1Lithographic technology got more affordable. 2 It allowed more creativity freedom. 3 It attracted artists to work with advertisers. ART NOUVEAU: artistic movement

inspired in Natural and organic forms, flowers and nature and curved lines. JULES CHERET, Henri d Toulouse, Pierre Bonard, Theophile Steinlein, Alfons mucha.

AGENTS and AGENCIES end of 18th century, Advertisers needed to find new

newspapers to Allocate their advertisements, and newspapers needed to attract advertisers to Get more incomes. William Tayler, in 1786, opened an office in London and acted As an ad sales representative for printers, several of whom had launched Newspapers to promote their trade.

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