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The digital dirt Is  bad things for the some people that Made in the past  for example when you Went to the party , you made something embarrassing and you Friends they Published it on your social networks. So the digital dirt  It is anything On the Internet that is unflattering about you.

i think that Times Have changed Not only has the use of the Internet, social networking sites, Blogs and other new media skyrocketed In recent years; all of these things have revolutionized the job search.Because Before you only concerned for the Curriculum vitae was Error free.

first , when they Are going to employ you, most  employers nowadays Hop on Google to search a name as a preliminary step, either before or right After the interview. For know what kind of person you are is only for Security in all ways . For example when you going to work in the politic , the Members check all your social networks for make sure that you have the good Behavior front the politic .Also  a positive and strong online presence can play A tremendous part in the employer's first impression

second ,the cases That didn´t  pass of the next step of the Interview is for that the employer serched something bad about you ,but when You pass of the next step is beacuse you have a good professional profile .

finally , i think That some people have something about the digital dirt , but is important you Clean and  Join social networks, both for career purposes and social Purposes for have more chance

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