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Aspect 4: African Americans

  • 200,000 AA gained benefits from the Civilian Conservation Corps & new deal agencies, relief programmes.

  • Benefit w/housing projects.

  • Some New Deal agencies discriminated against African Americans. There was racial segregation in the CCC. Mortgages were not given to black families in white neighbourhoods.

  • More black workers were unemployed but they were much less likely to be given jobs.

  • Domestic workers were not included in the Social Security Act.

  • Roosevelt failed to put through any civil rights legislation, laws against lynching of AA. Feared that Democrat senators in the southern states would not support him.

Aspect 5: Women

  • Some women achieve prominent positions (Eleanor Roosevelt).

  • An African American woman headed the National Youth Administration

  • Frances Perkins→ Secretary of Labour, removed 59 corrupt officials and was a key figure in making the Second New Deal work in practice.

  • New Deal programmes were aimed to help male manual workers rather than women.

Local govs. Tried to avoid paying out social security payments to women by introducing special qualifications and conditions.

Aspect 6: Native Americans

  • The Indian Reorganisation Act 1934 provided money to help native Americans to buy and improve land and control their own tribal areas.

  • Helped native Americans to preserve and practise their traditions, laws and culture and develop their land as they chose.

  • Remained poor and excluded from society.

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