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they are not going to buy tea, clothes, glass and paper--English. They are going to drink coffee, and the tea throw it overbroad, also began to spin and weave their clothes, the first shots were fired in massachusets, iroquis and chelokes supported england--english stop sttlers--moving into their land. Quaquers try to stay neutral. Declaration of independence: a statement adopted--13 american colonies-- war with great britain, independent. English government lost more men to fight--eeuu leave the war, the french navy send many wapons, spain+netherlands=spain side. Battle of soratoga--hudoson river.* population increased, less resources, no surplus--work hard,marie antoniette: let them eat cake. Consequences: burbon monarchy: overthrown,roman catholic undergo, abolition of feudalism--serfdom, clergy+nobility--away, new order--declaration of the rights of man, economic+social reforms--europe+france. The begining, turmoil: louis 16--19 old--throne--king, marie, inheroted amount debt--increased it--supporting amrican revolution--fight france rival, tax 1+2 estate--refused, he summoned a group--estates general in versailles--tax--other plans.*

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