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1 The abusive use of social networks can cause serious Damage to people's personality and, in the long run, generate different Conflicts and disinterest in activities outside the Internet. Today, it is rare To find a person who does not have a profile on One of the best known platforms Of this type: Facebook, Instagram. In my opinion, although they can have both Positive and negative aspects, the truth is that many people can no longer Understand the world without the use of social networks.

2 for instance They allow to know alternative Opinions, They offer a multitude of opportunities at work level, They allow to Meet people with common interests They are a great source of entertainment. For Famous people it is a means by which their lives can be made viral to have more Fame, convince us to have leadership possession, but this can become Disadvantages by the abusive use of them. They give voice to harmful opinions And attitudes.

3 Disadvantages They have a great impact on our Emotions, there are needs and concerns of approval, of prestige.

4 Social networks have completely revolutionized the Way of life of many people, avoiding the excessive use of social networks due To their disadvantages, and we do not care so much about the number of likes to Have a healthier life.

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