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10 FACT intl conflict resolution

1.Winwin solution are intellectually feasible; Difficulty: political will
2.Academic stress preventive diplomacy but actors rare can do so
3.Winwin solution can ONLY work if image of adversary is broken down
4.Seeking a stable peace is longer/more difficult peace building period
5.There is no single approach to intl conflict resolution 
5mass media can play CR role but they  only focus on specific crises

HISTORY distinction 
1.It focus on unique sets of events that happened in the past and will not be repeated
2.It's concerned with reconstituting given, concrete dvpt (i.E. Negotiation)
3.It gathers and processes large amount of facts from primary sources in a comprehensive way 

-is casual variable, not thing
-distribution of P; more power to one party means less P to others
-P is assumed to be symmetrical or asymmetrical
-P is a procession or source of capability (personal P)
-P is a relation (between the use of behaviors with possessed resources)

-relationships take place over a long period
-negotiation is often not a way to discuss or evolve a specific issue but rather a way to learn about the other party 
-resolution of vale claiming issues have implications for the fixture
-value-claiming issues are likely to generate strong emotions

-organizational embeddedeness of nego
-conceptualization of interdependence 
-Formal decision making 

5 NEGO attributes
flexibility- interpersonal sensitivity-inventiveness-patience-tenacity  

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