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International: It is Projected as an exporting or importing company exclusively does not usually Have investments in other countries.

Multinational: Companies that are in Several countries but each country has its rules, but all of them are governed By one in common.

Transnational: Companies that have Their headquarters in their country of origin and in several countries have Subsidiaries but these depend on the principal.

Global: Company that has the capacity To act in any country in the world.
Multinational Corporation (MCN): Operation in more than one country, International sales.
World trade Organization (WTO): Who is responsible for monitoring the global treater and Ensure that countries benefit from the rules agreed in the treaties.

Methods of Going international
The Company uses existing domestic capacity for Production, distribution and administration a certain portion of this home Production to a market home. Ad: The Exporter is not involved in problems, identify market potential. Dis: maintain the market share, tariff barriers.

Licesing: A Firm grants a foreign entity some type of intangible rights which could be the right To a process. Ad: The firm not as Some the cost or and the risk or the opening overseas. Dis: License is that it limits future profit opportunities associated With the property.

Franchising: its Similar to licensing except that in addition to granting. Ad: increased revenues and expansion of its brand. Dis: Could be the problems of assuring Quality control and operating standards.
Alliance:  Are business arrangements in which two or more Firms or entities join together. Ad: Share cost and risks. Dis: For Overseas partner in strategic alliance.
Joint venture: Two o more companies. Ad: Share cost and risk Dis: Conflicts and fights for the Control the companies.

GLOBAL STRATEGIC: The idea to reach the objective thru a International expansion. Helps the company in market expansion, sell national Products in a international market.
Global Key: Develop a basic strategy Local, internationalization of the local strategy. Make the international Global.
Broad factors
Free trade: decline tariffs, have knowledge of the trade around the world).
Global financial services and capital markets:Has facilitated the effort or many business to global integrate Their activities.
Industrial specific pressures
Universal costumers needs: Thanks to the technology the in crewed Information available to customers around the world.
Global costumers
Global Strategies
Business focus on maximizing international efficiency: Local activities in Low cost countries ( Domestic- international- multinational – global).


Multidomestic strategies: marketing focus, is desentralized, adapt the products local.

Regional :basing in the trading blues each country.
Global competitors: Thousand of competitors around the world
High investment intensity: cost for developing products.
Pressures for cost reduction: economies scales. 

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