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4(b) (ii) Technology may cause problems as it may include costs for reparating and Updating the software’s of the machinery. Besides workers need to be trained And it may take time for them to become adapted to the changes. The fact is That technology soon becomes out of date and devaluates.

  (c) in my opinion, most of the times Employees benefit from such laws as it guarantees them being protected against Many working risks, as dangerous machinery and unreasonable temperatures. Protected workers are usually better motivated. These laws force businesses to Comply with them. However, workers may loose the opportunity of gaining more Money by working more hours and companies costs to comply with all the laws may Result in job loss.

5 (a) (i) X= 100-80= 20 /2007= 90+60=150 m --- 20% of 150 m= 30 m

         (ii) $1200----100%

               $150----- 12.5%

   (b) (i) by batch production we refer to the Method of production in which a quantitative of a product is made before Starting another meaning a flexible way of working in which production can be Easily changed.

        (ii)  Benefit 1: goods are produced quickly and cheaply meaning low costs and Also, time saved. Benefit 2: easy for capital-intensive production methods to Be used, meaning that labor costs are reduced and efficiency is increased.

    (c) (i) time

         (ii) To extends its product life Cycle. Algahor enterprises may sell into new markets like foreign countries, Use a new advertising campaign, introduce a new improved version of the old Product or make changes to the products design, color or packaging.

    (d) B1: allow capital needs to be Antiapared, meaning that companies may find time to collect the money that they Are going to need.

         B2: Allow resources requirements to be Calculated, meaning that the company will have time to obtain the resources, as Stock purchases.

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