First conditional

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1. 1e/2a/3f/4b/5c/6a

2. 1-did/2-made/3-payed/4-doing/5-made

3. 1-outlet/2-price conscious/3-bargains/4-gadgets/5-price tag/7-splurge/8-pay atention

4. 1-i don't (...) will go you do/ 2-will be (....) ends/ 3 hadn't dyed (...) had listened/ 4 know (...) would have told

5. 1-Their report would be better if he had included more examples.

2- SHe will feel calmer when she finishes her exam

3- If you don't trust her, you shouldn't tell her anything

4- He wouldn't be lonely if he tried to make friends

6. 1-If only i had scored a goal in the game yesterday get to school on time/ 2- If i had woken up earlier I'd get to school on time/ 3- I wish they had offered us a lift home/ 4-you won't get the best selection unless you go to the first day at the sale

5- IF i hadn't been so nervous i would have passed my driving test

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