Conditional-relative pronoun

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Conditional sentence type 1:
Main clause: If + present simple
Oració n subject to: F UTURE (will + infinitive) modal + infinitive imperative
· Is used to express situations that we think are possible
• The conjunction
unless it can be used as an alternative to often if ... not
Conditional sentence type 2:
Main clause:
If + past simple
Subordinate clause:
Conditional (would / coul d / might + infinitive)
· Is used to express situations possible but unlikely
Conditional sentence type 3:
Main clause:
If + Pluperfect (had +3 º col)
Subordinate clause:
Conditional (would have / could have / might have + participle)
· This condic io n is used to express past situations that did not happen.
Relative pronouns:
· For people: who, that
· For people: whom, who, that
· For things: which, that
· Possessive: whose
· Location: where
That ever in prayer (Defining)

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