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adjectives + prepositions: afraid of(miedo de) annoyed with(molesto con) different from(diferente de) famous for good at surprised at(sorprendido por) sick of(cansado de) interested in involved in(involucrado en) keen on(continuar en) proud of sad about(triste por) serious about wrong with(mal con)  say: algo sorry hello yes speak: well to someone in public slowly loudly crearly tell: joke lie story something a secret what to do the truth.

dress up(vestirse) splash out on(derrochar en) take back(devolver) try on(probarse) go on(continuar) shut up call of(cancelar) catch up with(ponerse al dia con) throw up fall over(caer) grow up(crecer) make up(compensar, hacer las paces) rush around(corretear) build up(construir) find out(descubir) look up(buscar) get into(entrar) pass on(transmitir) put off(posponer) walk out(salir) cut down on(reducir) fall out(discutir) grow up(crecer) look up to(admirar) blow away come up with(inventar) count on(contar con) end up(acabar) find out(descubrir) go on(salir) help out(ayudar) look forward to(esperar con) put up with(tolerar) start out(empezar) think about(considerar) turn into(become) get into(meterse) pass on to(pasar) put off(posponer) walk out(salir) deal with(resolver) face up to(plantar cara) run out(quedarse sin) stand up for(luchar por) call of(cancelar) throw up(ponerse malo) take back(recuperar) try on(intentar) splash out on(aumentar) check out(corregir) get on(coger) see off(despedir) settle down(asentarse) think twice(reflexionar) hang on to(continuar) get together with(salir con) get on will with(llevarse bien) get in touch(mantener contacto) take after(parecerse) plunge into(poner en situacion) go off(parar de) move on to(empezar a) give a hand(ayudar) calm down(relajar) carry on(seguir) fall out(caerse) build up(aumentar) be down(estar quieto)

PASSIVE: paints->is painted will paint->will be painted has painted->has been painting is painting->is being painted

REPORTED SPEECH: take->took am taking->was taking took/have taken->had taken will take->would take can take-> could take must take->had to take// here->there this->that these->those now->then yesterday->the day before today->that day tonight->that night

0: if I present simple,I ps 1: if I ps,I wil...-unless(if not) 2: if I past simple, I would... 3: if I had past simple, I would have 3ª columna

WHO WHICH WHOSE(cuyo) WHERE WHEN->D(no comas) ND(comas)

F.C-> will be+ing F.P-> will have+past participle WILL

agree(de acuerdo) answer the phone apologize(pedir disculpas) argue(discutir) ask chat fall out(caer) leave a message(dejar un men) make a call(llamar) post a message(poner) send(enviar) talk face to face thank(gracias) warn(advertir)

HURT: leg yourself FEEL sick HAVE GOT disease flu headache temperature

advertise(anunciar) afford(permitir) brand(marca) get a bargain go shopping keep up to date with(mantenerse al dia) logo look good(verse bien) queue up(hacer cola) look for(buscar) save(ahorrar) sell out(vendido) shop around spend(gastar) tight(escaso) the latest(lo ultimo) waste(desperdiciar) window-shop

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