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1-had,wouldn't sell -will go,is -hadn't left, would have missed
  -didn't worked, wouldn't do -will be, pay
2-was -would you try -would Love -can -lived -would invent -will be
  -are -will you come -give
3-unlessthe weather very good, we will stay in home.
  -tim will probably win if he play badly.
  -our parents will enjoy the film unless it really violent.
  -amanda will go swimming unless she have homework.
  -if we drink the wàter, we will stay healthy.
4-if patrick had lost his wallet, he would have upset.
  -Denise wouldn't have watched tv if rob had asked her out.
  -if the players had tried hard, they wouldn't have lost the match.
  -what would you said if atah hadn't asked about the car?
  -if we had seen Sam, we would have invited him.
5-genetic modification -? -cloning -key surgery
6-make up -find out -put foward -look into -bring about -point out
7-space exploration -weblog -computer program -timetable -science fiction
8-inventor -investment -lawyer -astronomer
9-c -c -c -c -a -c -b -c

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