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S+V+C. Moreover, Furthermore, What's more,besides, S+V+C
S+V+C and S+V+C, too
S+V+C and S also +V+C/ S to be+also+C
Apart from, as well as+ v-ing +C,S +V+C
In addition to noun, S+V+C
S+V+C(positiu), but,yet,still S+V+C (negatiu)
S+V+C (positiu). However, nevertheless,in contrast, contrary to that, S+V+C (negatiu)
Although,even though, though S+V+C (negatiu), S+V+C (positiu)
S+V+C (+) although, though,even though +S+V+C (-)
S+V+C, while, whereas + S+V+C
S+V+C because, as,since,for,seeing that S+V+C
S+V+C due to,owing to,because of

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