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Parte 1

1. What is a resource record?

Resource Records define data types in the Domain Name System (DNS)

2. What is the difference between a recursive and a iterative query in DNS? When is each type of query used?

Recursive DNS queries occur when a DNS client requests Information from a DNS server that is set to query subsequent DNS servers until A definitive answer is returned to the client.

In customer requests and fordwarded

Iterative DNS queries are ones in which a DNS server is Queried and returns an answer without querying other DNS servers

In name servers

3. Some computers are given a different IP address each time They connect to the internet.An internet service provider (ISP) can use a few IP addresses to serve many  customers That way….


4. To allow DHCP servers to reuse Ip addresses after clients Disconnect from the network,DHCP IP address assignments have a

Lease Period

5. If your DNS servers are not functioning correctly,network Applications will not be able to connect to servers,causing e-mail,web Browsing,and any others services to fail.

If the DNS server is not active or available, any service That depends on the server will not work.

Parte 2

6. Model of cloud computing that utilizes virtualisation; Clients pay a and outsourcer for the resources used.


9. What do files like .Htaccess allow in apache?

The file .Htaccess (hypertext access) is a file that Allows the appropriate changes in the policies of access to directories or Files with the idea of improving the security of your website and, therefore, Avoid access to third parties.

11. What´s mget in ftp?

The MGET command transfers one or more files that match The file specification from the FTP server to your PC.

13.Whitch of the following protocols is a signaling protocol In VOIP?


14. What are channels in asterisk?

A channel is a connection which brings in a call to the Asterisk PBX

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