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Copulative, and, and, no, that dilemma: o, u, and him, whether he continued: ejemplicificando: for example, as is the case, as. Reiterating: that is, bone, mejordicho, ie. Intensifying: it is even more, more even, even more. Corroborating: indeed, asipues fact indeed. Causal: because, since then that, because, because,. Consecutive: then, with that, therefore, by So so here, so. Final: Achaean for, lest, so that, in order to. Comparison: equal: as, well as, as well as, as such, it is. Inequality: masque, peorque , better Been, GreaterThan, menorque. Temporal simultaneity, when, while, while One, entantoque, entretantoque. immediate succession: as, just, Nobi, tanprontocomo, not yet. Conditional if, amenosque, anoserque, solosi, ALWAYSpointspraygun, contalque.Adversative: restrictive, but yet again, soloque. Exclusive: but (that), only, only. Differentiation: encambio, while (that) entanto (that), adiferencia of. Opposition Total: porelcontrario wing Conversely, reverse, delocontrario, counter while (that), entanto (that). Consesiva; apesardeque, although, however, peseaque, despite, although, even, quarreling, bienque.

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