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The British could not settle colonies in South America Because Spaniards were already there, so they had to start in northern Latitudes along the east of the coast.

In the Spanish case, they had come across gold and Silver very early. In the final years Philip II Spain received on average Between 18/88 tons of gold and silver. 4 bankrupt during his life. The cost of The war in the Low Countries was too much, not enough to cover all the Expanses.

English were forced to explore natural resources: Fishing…

3rd difficulty had to do with people. People were needed if colonies wanted to survive. In the rain of James I, in Terms of culture, very relevant, the promotion of the new world, of the English Colonies. Convince people to go there. Done by two means:

1)Through Literature à Minor works describing America, the new people in America, presenting a kind of Utopia, explaining things were easy to English people.

2)Through Images à book Entitled “America” – published by Theodor de Bry, never went to America, but he Depended on images given to him by British and French explorers. In the case of Spain conquest of America, lack of images of the 1st period. In the English case it was different. De Bry made sort of two big groups of images (Indians in the British colonies // the Spanish dominions)

IMAGEàIndians Naked à Cannibalism in territories dominated by Spain. People who are savage and Violent.

IMAGE àIndians killing a Spanish guardian, they are making Him drink liquid gold (Spanish greed)

IMAGEàA Spaniard trying to burn an Indian.

IMAGE àSpaniards killing Indians with the use of dogs.

Spanish black Legend. Contrast with English dominions.

Indians in English possessions à Peaceful attitude, they look very European. Not aggressive like in the Spanish Case. A utopia, an ideal place. Entertaining themselves. Nothing out of the Natural order. Indians cooking the food à food is Available, guaranteed. Indian women appeared like painted, it´s an evocation of The ancient of Britons/Picts. The idea then is that America is a paradise, Waiting or you (the message), nothing wrong with leaving England and going There. Nothing to do with reality. These images were promotional. But it is True that it made America visitable For English.

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